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About Us

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Sharing A True Story...

So, you have dreamt about winning big bucks by soccer betting?

OR do you just want an extra income by merely betting online?

How about an extra $500.00, $1000.00 or maybe over $10,000+

a month or a day? Whatever it is, we have rendered help to hundreds of members to achieve their goals,

you can rely on us to transform you into a REAL BIG WINNER in the world of soccer betting!

We Provide The Best Soccer Picks With In-Depth Analysis!

You have tried many other tipsters on the Internet and you

have assured that ALL are scams? Hmmm... Not Quite...

Until you have tried us out!

Dear Sir/Mam,

My name is Clark Wayne, the founder of

A True Story To Share With You...

Over $56,000USD Debts! Are you there yet?

Back in 2004, I was in the same boat as you are now... searching and covering almost every corner of the Internet hoping to find the best soccer tipster who will make me a millionaire by following their tips. After all that searches and thousands of dollars paid upfront to these "Soccer tipsters"... nothing came true and in fact got myself into bigger debts and piled up credit cards bills! I was heavily in debt with over $56,000+ USD negative balance through all my credit cards. I was totally stucked and thoughts of committing suicide came across my mind. All these debts were accummulated in just short 1.5 years, fast isn't it? Yes, I was a hardcore soccer punter who wagers over $12,000 on 100% confident matches provided by so called "Professional Soccer Tipster". Yeah stupid you were saying. yes it was stupid and crazy of me to believe these tipsters. Plain ignorant and stupidity! It's a total of $25,000USD just for this part of the lesson in my years of soccer betting experience.

I Found A Master!

I have no other choice and have absolutely no idea how I could end this nightmare, a $56,000USD debt for me who was an accountant back then was too huge an amount to deal with. I continued trying my luck in soccer betting... more debts piled up... A total of $68,538USD in debt. I was left with $4000.00USD from a loan taken from my father-in-law. I didn't even dare to confess my gambling habits to my family. Yeah, very hopeless!

Until the year 2005, I met my master who helped me recouped more than $15,000USD in a short 2.5 weeks with just stake of $500.00 on each soccer match.

He was a 23 year old university student who runs a convenient store for his family just opposite of where I stayed and I never thought that winning consistently in soccer betting is possible until this 23 year old gave me the insights of algorithm analysis.

I was amazed by the analysis and soccer picks he has written in his workbook. It was a 12 out of 15 wins in a single day throughout all minor and major leagues.
And it was an average of 70% - 90% throughout the whole month when he was helping me out with my debts. It was a kept secret between me and this young genius.

$68,538USD Of Debts Cleared By September 2005!

During that time, I will pay this young man a 25% of my total winnings if he is able to work out the best soccer picks of the day for me.

We sat down in his shop everyday after 5pm and I will watch him as he work out his analysis and explaining every detail to me about the confusing algorithms.His method works every time like magic and as if every match was fixed! This guy is indeed a genius!

Total of $18,000+ commissions he has made from me and yes you have calculated it right, it was a whopping $72,000+++ winnings for me in just 6 months! I have finally cleared all my outstandings with extra few thousands for some celebrations.

Throughout the months with my young master, I have learned the most kept secrets I believed was used by soccer betting syndicates. The in-depth algorithm analysis!

This analysis involves confusing calculations of previous day's opening odds and final closing odds. Also, the psychological factors of opening asian handicaps also plays an important role when deciding the winner by the 90th minute. You will be amazed by how several teams could draw a game or finally make through at 87th-89th minute of the match.

Yes, maybe most matches are fixed and this analysis will reveal the truth!

Additional $23,000+ was made! I'm too a genius!

I was on my own after this young guy helped me cleared my debts and I thought that I should be competent enough to start analyzing the games on my own after several months of mentoring from him.

I was wrong! I was not just competent! In fact, I did better than him after I did a tweak to his method of analysis. It was 4 days 100% wins in a row! First day was a 5/5 wins, following a 6/6, 3/3 and another 3/3! And the rest of the days were 80% and over accuracy that made me over $23,000+ across total of 32 games I have wagered on.

We are now a team of 4

After my success, many friends came to me to ask for help. They were my betting buddies who have gone through thick and thin together and I rendered help to only 3 whom I considered my best buddies. Jason, Riez and Leon.

My best picks were given to them and the formula as well.
All 3 recouped their losses in just about 3 months with $45,000+ winnings in total! was born till we have found a company who does website specifically for betting industry. I'm no computer genius, I have to pay the experts to work out this site for me.

Our Achievements

We have achieved a good consistent winning rate of over 80%-90% and above over a 30 day period. At least a 80% winnings are guaranteed when you subscribe to our service.

What do I get when I sign up?

A total of at least 15 picks will be delivered to you via sms or email on a monthly basis.

A guarantee of 80% winnings and over.

So, how much is your subscription price?

15 Best Soccer Picks

$999.00 Per Month

$799.00 USD per month

is all we ask for our professional service and

do email us your current balance status upon payment so that we can advise you on each match's

wagering amount and handle your betting risks for you.

It is really worth while and definitely risk-free!

We are punters too, we were once scammed and you can be

rest assured that we will keep up to our reputation!